Materials for dental care

Certified products compatible with dental use

Besides staff competence, another key factor to look at when considering dental care is materials which determines the success of an operation. Dentital select materials for dental care carefully by establishing close links with leading companies in Europe.

Supplier NameMeta Biomed

MetaBiomed produces a resinous root canal cement for root canal fillings.

Advantages: Excellent biocompatibility, easy paste-paste perfect hermetic seal, does not stain the teeth, insoluble in tissue fluids and good radiopacity. 

Supplier NameSeptodont

Since first created at 1932, Septodont has always been at the forefront of dental pharmacology, engaging in the development, production and distribution of a wide range of high quality dental products all over the world. The products used within Our structure is Anesthetics, bleaching paste, use and polishing materials.

Supplier NameOgna

For over 80 years the historic brand Ogna is synonymous with Italian quality and innovation in the pharmaceutical, specifically dental sector. The Ogna quality is used within our facility for anesthetic products, for washes and root canal treatments.


Coltene is a global leader in the development, production and sale of consumables and small dental equipment. Coltene offers to our clinic a wide range of products divided into six segments with a proposal of solutions to be used in almost all dental treatments and specifically for endodontics offers products for the preparation of the root canal with tools and washing solutions, as well as pin systems. Our Clinic also uses the range of products of conservative dentistry.

Product Family: Implants

B. & B. Dental L.l.c. is a leading Italian company in the field of oral implantology. B. & B. Dental L.l.c. is specialized in the design of dental implants and bone regeneration materials. Thanks to the experience gained over the years it has managed to develop implant-prosthetic technologies and innovative materials of high quality. The company, established in 1992 by Dr. Claudio Banzi, has its legal and operational headquarters in Via San Benedetto 1847, near San Pietro in Casale (Bologna).


We use products supplied by 3M as a company known as a world leader in the field, the range of 3M products used in our clinic is varied, the main applications are dental fillings, cementation of bridges and anesthesia etc.

Supplier NameIvoclar Vivadent
Product FamilyDental seals and fillers

Ivoclar Vivadent is an Italian company founded in 1923, the core business of the company is the production of solutions and systems for the direct restoration, for the fixed prosthesis and for the removable prosthesis.