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Our clinic Dentital is equipped with latest technology equipment and offer efficient performance and services thanks to the use of avant-garde high-tech technology. A dedicated well educated staff offers you support and quality service anytime.

Our Services

We can rebuild your natural teeth shape with titan tooth implant.


-Advanced technology

-High quality products

-Bones rebuild

A titan tooth implant is made of a small worm called dental artificial root, from an intermediate materia to fix the crown.

This technic includes teeth revitalization with newest techniques and tools of generation.


Tooth Missing can be resolved in different ways: We can afford and solve every tooth health problem.


-Dental protheses

-Titan Tooth Implants

-Ceramic crown combined with materials like zircon, titan and white gold.

Possible tooth loss can cause bothering changes in the digestion apparatus. We are here to give you a permanent solution.

Perfect to reshape the exact form and position of new teeth. The result? A perfect smile.



We offer 5 years warranty for our customers*

We only use the highest quality materials produced in the EU, certified by the CE mark (Made in Germany, Italy, UK)

  • Complete cleaning of the teeth
  • 20,00
  • Surgical tooth extraction, with anesthesia
  • 20,00
  • Aesthetic dentition of composite tooth
  • 30,00
  • Reconstruction of the composite tooth
  • 30,00
  • Rebuilding the tooth with fiberglass pins
  • 40,00
  • Devitalization and Root Channel Therapy into a monoradicated / biradiculata / triradiculate tooth
  • 50,00
  • Complete teeth whitening
  • 80,00
  • Simple ceramic-metal crown
  • 150,00
  • Simple ceramic gold crown
  • 300,00
  • ZAN Zirconia crown (high quality zirconium for aesthetic and extremely durable use) modeled individually with the latest CAD-CAM system
  • 200,00
  • Single Titanium OXY implantation system including filler, stump, healing stage, artificial bone and membrane. (Note: All other clinics pay off stallion, life expectancy' around € 300)
  • 600,00
  • Great elevation of maxillary sinus including: first membrane and biocompatible material.
  • 850,00 / 1050,00
  • Bottle (semifinal) prosthesis including 4 implants.
  • 2.700,00
  • Milled barrier prostheses including 4 implants
  • 3.200,00
  • Lanyard prosthesis including 4 implants.
  • 3.500,00
  • Toronto Bridge with 6 implants on
  • 4.600,00
  • Total fixed prosthesis with omni ceramic alloy including: 8 Titanium implants, armored resin implants
  • 4.900,00

* Warranty: Our warranty is not valid in cases where:


  • The gum or bone is affected by a natural reduction;
  • The prosthesis breaks down due to fall or accidents; Patient fatigued or slim considerably;
  • There is a disease that has a direct effect on the health of the mouth (diabetes, osteoporosis, epilepsy) or in the case of chemiotherapy and atrophy caused by radiotherapy;
  • The patient is involved with other dentist interventions;
  • There is a clear neglect of the mouth hygiene.

Of course, the warranty remains valid in all cases of errors caused by our dental technicians.